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Companies are spread thin due to the technology demand today's infrastructure requires. NanoTech was founded in 2008 as a strategic organization that allows other companies to focus on their mission.


Our team encompasses a variety of talent that is very specific within each industry area and brings experts together to work as a team for you; by strategizing, building and forecasting growth and overcoming last minute changes.


We are a company built on a foundation that understands budgets, emergencies and people. 


Fernando Torrez was in the U.S. Air Force for almost nine years, serving honorably and learning DOD standards as well as logistical infrastructure during various bases and worldwide deployments. It has given the strategic advantage to adapt to various types of work environments and develop unparalleled leadership. 


Kamila Lipowska-Torrez grew up in Poland and migrated to the U.S. to further her studies. She attained her AAS Health Information Technology and Management degree from Northern Virginia Community as well as a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management from DeVry University. As an active AHIMA member, RHIT licensed and HIPAA certified professional, she manages IT for medical and dental facilities. Her expertise in medical industry is utilized in various ways for our clients from designing the IT infrastructure to management and compliance issues. She also serves in the Board of Directors for the Health Systems Agency (HSA) of Northern Virginia.


Kamila lives with her husband Fernando Torrez, daughter Alexandra and their golden-retriever Conan in Alexandria. She can be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






105 N. Washington Street,
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